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In today's rapidly changing business landscape, human resources personnel are not only handling routine work and administrative tasks but, on a more important level, they have taken on a pioneering role to nurture new talented cohorts to contribute to their overall business success.

In this issue, HR professionals and senior management from various well-known companies across a wide range of industries share their successful initiatives and unique insights on learning and development in talent engagement. All of them are awardees of The Employer of Choice Award 2019, organized by JobMarket, as prestigious acknowledgement of their outstanding employee development strategies and practices, setting important milestones for the entire HR industry

Taking advantage of flexible operations and information technology to capture greater business opportunities
Months of social unrest inevitably have adversely affected the local economy and employment market. According to the government¡¦s latest report, the Hong Kong economy contracted by 2.9% yearon- year in the third quarter of 2019. The social protests took a heavy toll on both the retail and tourism-related sectors. This dealt a very severe blow to the economy which had already been weakened by a pan-global economic slowdown and escalating US-mainland trade tensions. What¡¦s more, market watchers assure us that the current economic challenges are still not yet behind us....


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  • Taking advantage of flexible operations and information technology to capture greater business opportunities
  • “We Do It Right” Hang Lung Properties treats employees like customers
  • Diversified sauce flavours Meticulous staff management
  • Constant appreciation creates McHappy staff
  • Winner of “Asia Pacific Outstanding Employer Award” Constant Pursuit of Innovation and Talent Cultivation
  • Fostering creative mindsets Boosting healthier lives
  • Enrich employee experience and maximize development opportunities with a 360o solution
  • Equipping Talent with Leadership Skills Taking a Leap Forward inSustainable Development
  • Zung Fu’s Driving Full Speed on the career highway
  • Leveraging Technology in Employee Communication and Recognition Enhancing Engagement for Better Productivity
  • Fostering diversified talent development to embrace InsurTech era
  • Making use of a healthcare staffing solution platform for greater flexibility
  • Talent is paramount in the digital marketing industry Creating strong synergic collaborations
  • Building up a talent pool to embrace the 5G era
  • Driving business expansion and promoting Kah Kee’s faith
  • Embracing change with an open corporate culture
  • csl boosts customer satisfaction by offering a more personal and caring telecoms service
  • Addressing the housing needs of employees, Dah Sing Bank demonstrates the true significance of“NOT JUST A BANK. A HOME.”.
  • Cultivate sense of belonging through better communication
  • Actualizing Excellent Business Visions; Spreading Love and Care to Employees
  • Attracting talent through innovative recruitment approaches
  • Cultivating a Happy Workplace with Respect and Family Harmony Assuring Employees a Bright Future
  • Enhancing its employer brand by means of a hospitality academy and an innovative recruitment campaign
  • Promoting a work-life balance to create a virtuous cycle
  • Kai Shing Management Services Limited Boosting Genuine Care and Happiness among Employees
  • Better Employee Well-being Leads to a More Cohesive Work Culture
  • Fostering a caring culture while embracing new technologies
  • ‘Data Literacy for everyone’- Reality or Myth?
  • Sharing delicious food and workplace happiness


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