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Dedicated to the HR community, we quarterly publish Talent Management booklet series to provide easy to understand, informative articles and real case studies. In this issue, we will be exploring key salary and hiring trends in Hong Kong and talk about the employment trends of different sectors. In view of the tightening employment market, it takes more than a competitive salary package when it comes to talent engagement and retention. Meanwhile, women in leadership, another topic that is well worth our contemplation, is also covered in this issue. We also look into interesting topics such as managing office disputes and mediation, layoff planning, ways to sharpen public speaking skills and more. It is hoped that what we could offer you the latest news on HR management and executive education, whilst also giving you some inspiration on managing your valuable talents as well as your own life.

The climbing inflation rate together with the recovering economy seems to have made competitive remuneration packages a key concern for many organisations in Hong Kong. Well, is it really the case? In this issue, professional management consultancy firms and representatives of associations of key industries will talk about key salary and hiring trends in Hong Kong.

Salary and Hiring: What to Look for in Coming Quarters?

As autumn quietly arrives, we are stepping into the third quarter of the year. Maybe it is a good time for a look into key salary and hiring trends.


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Salary and Hiring:
What to Look for in Coming Quarters?

Engaged Leadership for Organisational Success

Things You Need to Know about MPF

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about Hiring in Q4 2011


Breaking the Glass Ceiling:
Women Leadership in Hong Kong

Maximising the Positive
Effect of Downsizing

Is Salary the Elephant in the Room?

New Rules at Work



In a Crisis, What Happens Next?

Making Informed HR Decisions
with Effective HR Analytics Tools


Speak for Career Success:
The Power of Public Speaking



Rush Hour



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