Mr. Allen HA
Chief Executive Officer
AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited
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Topic: Authentic Leadership

A shift in paradigm is needed as societies emerge from the period of Industrial Revolution into an era emphasizing Service, Knowledge, Innovation, and Diversity. Leaders have to evolve to foster a culture and environment that promotes trust and harmony, allowing people to grow and exercise their full potential in a corporate setting.

Dr. Au Kit-sing, Derrick
Head of Human Resources
Hospital Authority
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Topic: Retaining and Motivating Staff in Hospital Authority: From Crisis to Strategies

In the public hospital system, 58,000 Hospital Authority (HA) staffs make their best effort to serve the 700 million population of Hong Kong, providing reliable 24-hour services year round, and meeting the challenges of epidemics and other non-infectious public health threats. With modest resources they cope with rising demand from ageing population and high public expectations. While the resilience and professionalism of our health care workforce are remarkable, there are signals that staff commitment to serve under adverse conditions may be precarious, and the expansion of particular specialty services in the private sector hospital can tip the balance abruptly. In this presentation, the challenge of retaining and motivating staff in HA is reviewed. HA management is adopting an active staff engagement approach to lay open the issues and challenges, while taking the opportunity of the ¡§crisis¡¨ period to focus on mid-term and long-term workforce strategies.

Mrs. Carmen Lam
Chief Executive Officer
PrinCorp Wealth Advisors (Asia) Limited
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Topic: Standing by Employees during Tough Times

The financial crisis, followed by a brutal recession and painfully slow recovery, forced companies in every industry to watch their spending while retain talents. As an HR professional, how could you maintain the number of your human capital asset without cutting the employee benefits, particularly during tough times? In order to reduce the employee voluntary turnover rate, how do you seal a long-term relationship with your valuable employees? Should a company undertake a new approach for enhancing employees' financial security and their retirement benefits? Let us learn from the best practices of the Principal's 10 best companies!

Dr. Chung Ting Yiu Robert
Director of Public Opinion Programme (POP)
The University of Hong Kong
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Topic: Driving Engagement of Staff with Different Working Style -
HeadlineJobs Quality Workplace Index (2011 2nd Half)

Dr. Robert Chung is the Director of Public Opinion Programme (POP) at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), a programme he established in 1991. Under his leadership, POP is well known for its impartiality and professionalism in collecting, studying and interpreting public opinion. Since 2008, POP has been collaborating with to conduct the ¡§HeadlineJobs Quality Workplace Index¡¨. In this summit, Dr. Chung will present the findings of the 2011 2nd half survey, covering the theme on Employee Engagement and an interesting topic on the job satisfaction, job seeking rate of different working style of employees. HR professionals can listen the voice of employees through the survey findings.

Mr. James Tien, GBS, JP
Chairman of Hong Kong Tourism Board
Hon. Chairman of the Liberal Party
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Topic: Public Policies and Employee Engagement

The Eurozone crisis, ¡§Occupy Wall Street¡¨ movement and our government¡¦s budgetary approach, the keynote presentation will examine how these world and public affairs affect the way we engage our staff. Enjoying a relatively healthy economy with low unemployment rate and steady growth, it is not the time to be complacent about the future. With global economic problems loom large over the local economy, managers should brace themselves for possible tough times ahead. However, the government also has a part to play amidst the prospect of an economic downturn, and to prepare for ¡§the rainy day¡¨ by increasing public spending on areas such as education, healthcare and welfare. The presentation also proposes measures to stabilize the property market as a way to achieve better social harmony. Finally, the presentation advocates better practices by employers as a way of engagement of the general workforce.

Mr. LAM Woon Kwong, GBS, JP
Equal Opportunities Commission
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Topic: Staff Engagement in the Time of Volatility - All We can Learn from the Movies

Through enjoying a few excerpts from selected movies, Mr. Lam will share with participants how we may reflect on some of the fundamental trait of human behavior, and what we may learn from organizations and their leadership on how they engage staff in managing crisis.

Ms. Lena Tsang
Chief Executive Officer
Sir Hudson International Ltd.
Sir Hudson Hospitality Ltd.
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Topic: Building a strong team with Passion and Professionalism

Established in 2005, caffe HABITU now operates 12 boutique Italian caffes in Hong Kong employing over 150 staff, with a strong presence in the market beloved by many coffee affonciandos. Within the competitive coffee industry, caffe HABITU has developed a unique approach to their human resource management which involves creative and innovative approaches to managing talented young people today, giving them a platform for growing, sharing and career development. As CEO of Sir Hudson International Limited (mother company of caffe HABITU), Lena Tsang shares her astute senses and experiences in employee management and engagement, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lies ahead for caffe HABITU.

Mr. NiQ Lai
CFO and Head of Talent Engagement
City Telecom (HK) Limited
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Topic: Inspiration rather than Motivation - Mindset-upgrade of CTI's Talents

Given the foreseeing volatile economy ahead, it is the utmost importance to engage, motivate and retain company's human capital to sustain and further enhance an organization's business performance. City Telecom (HK) Limited (City Telecom), as a market leader in the telecommunications industry, understands and has been ungenerous when talking about people investment even under circumstances of tight resource. As the Chief Financial Officer & Head of Talent Engagement of City Telecom, Mr. Lai has taken a fresh approach in terms of his talent management strategies that led the company to a robust increment in the return on capital. He will share his view and experience on the best practices to effectively inspire, nurture and retain the High Potentials through their development process for an organization¡¦s success in a long run.

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