Rethinking Employee Engagement in a Volatile Economy

Riding on the success of the first and second Employee Engagement Summit, this year's summit continues to feature the best of the best employee engagement practices in the region, with a special focus on incorporating effective engagement strategies in the dynamic labour market today.

A recent survey revealed that 55 percent of mid-to-top management in Hong Kong believed they remain highly competitive in the labour market, and 15 percent of them are currently eyeing new positions and preparing themselves for a career move. In a time of high inflation while economy becomes volatile, the coming year will no doubt present real challenges for employers to control costs as well as managing employment relationships. With the impact of inflation on the employment market, which results in strict resources and staff expectations on pay rise, Hong Kong businesses are under pressure and are urged to understand the critical need to engage and retain key talents through new and innovative initiatives. However, with limited resources, how can organisations make their strategies work under such challenging market condition? Itˇ¦s a topic of great concern.

This summit is specially designed to help all organisations, provide them with a better insight to drive employee engagement process throughout the entire workforce. It will be an excellent opportunity for HR managers and executives to share ideas, compare experiences, develop solutions and network with like-minded professionals.

The summit will bring together esteemed leaders, academics and human resources professionals to share insights and strategies with a fresh approach by looking at the specific employee segments, with an aim at what works for different generations and sectors of the workforce. Areas that would be covered include:

  • Senior Leadership ˇXthe most effective methods in getting buy-in from Senior and C-Level executives for engagement initiatives as well as specific strategies to increase their engagement, communication and participation with the workforce.
  • High Potentials ˇXwhat connects High Potentials to the organisation while motivating them through the development process.
  • Generation Y ˇXwhat means most to this generation and how to effectively balance their need for a fulfilled work-life with new organisational loyalty.
  • Frontline Managers ˇXwhat is the most critical factors in sustaining real employee engagement among this group of workforce.
  • General Workforce ˇXwhat are the most effective methods of bringing together the workforce at every level and price point. Discover the best practices in using engagement to drive loyalty, retention and performance.

    Employee Engagement Summit 2011 is comprised of conference, exhibition and other networking sessions. Throughout the day there will be opportunities to interact and network with our guest speakers and fellow delegates to exchange ideas and explore how you can implement what you have learnt back in the workplace.

    Who should attend?
    The event, the topics and speakers are set to attract HR directors, managers and business leaders from the Greater China.

    The conference will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions with a host of esteemed, top professional speakers sharing their valuable thoughts, insights and experiences on the latest issues affecting talent engagement.

    A special exhibition will offer unparalleled opportunities for sponsors and institutions to showcase their companyˇ¦s branding with respect to services and products in face-to-face dialogue sessions.

    High-level networking opportunities will include registration, coffee breaks, and lunch for delegates, sponsors and exhibitors to enhance business ties and stay current with the latest industry issues.