Mr. Gary Leung
Head of Investment, Consumer Banking
Standard Chartered Bank (HK) Limited
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Ms. Florence Ng
Senior Director, Country Human Resources Hong Kong
Philips Electronics Group
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Topic: 'One Philips': How Leadership Development Engages Talent and Leads to Sustainable Business Growth
Sustainability is the key to determining a company's success and an engaged workforce leads to a higher chance of sustainable growth. Since 2006, the global electronics giant Philips has been focusing on raising staff engagement levels by implementing the .One Philips・ concept in Hong Kong. Ms Florence Ng, Senior Director, Country Human Resources of Philips has over 20 years of experience in human resources in the financial and public service sector in Hong Kong and Canada. Florence has made outstanding accomplishments in leadership development, organisational effectiveness and regional resources management. In the .Hong Kong HR Awards 2008・ event, she was presented the .Best HR Leader・ award for her achievement across the spectrum of human resources. In this summit, she will share with us the critical role of leaders in employee engagement and how should their actions align with today・s business reality.

Dr. Christine Lai
Regional Human Resources Director
Pearson Education Asia
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Topic: The Essence of Employee Engagement: Engaging People's Minds And Hearts - Success Story of Turning Results to Action Through Employee Wellness Program
Educating 100 million people worldwide, Pearson is the global leader in educational publishing. Their educational and training products and services cover different walks of life, ranged from school students to adults in pursuit of higher education. Dr. Christine Lai is a seasoned organizational designer, people developer and transformational change agent with over 20 years HR experiences working in various multi-cultural global financial institutions like Royal Bank of Scotland, ABN-Amro Bank and Morgan Stanley. With the mission of Pearson Education in mind to deliver better results and improve better lives through education, Christine is transfering her Employee Enagagement successes from financial institutions into education business. Christine believes that the essence of employee engagement is to achieve success together with employees through capturing people・s minds and hearts and maximizing their potentials. In this summit, she will address the importance of understanding the real needs of your staff and turning the results into actions.

Ms. Luzia Hung
Chief of Pension & Group Business
AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited
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Topic: Boosting Staff Engagement with Effective Employee Benefits Programme
High level of employee engagement is key to the success of an organisation. A comprehensive employee benefits programme helps to build a high-engaged workforce and thus boost the performance and profits of the company. With over 25 years of local experience, AXA has become the expertise in providing one-stop solutions of employee and retirement benefits to our valued customers. Ms. Luzia Hung, Chief of Pension & Group Business of AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited will share more insights with you during the presentation.

Prof. Kathleen Slaughter
Dean, Ivey Asia
Richard Ivey School of Business
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Topic: The Ultimate Engagement Challenge: Engaging Minds | Capturing Hearts | Moving Feet
Three questions will be addressed in Prof. Slaughter・s presentation:
1. How do companies ensure that all employees understand the strategy of their companies, make meaning of it in their own work context, and use their brainpower to achieve goals?
2. How do they create a process for employees to care emotionally about why they are doing what they do and how they do it? And,
3. How do they translate the intellectual understanding and emotional commitment into effective action at all levels of their organization?

Mrs Agnes Koon
Vice President
Hong Kong Women Professionals & Entrepreneurs Association
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Topic: Ensuring Business Success through Employee wellbeing
DAgnes has been in management role of insurance companies for over 25 years. Her career includes insurance underwriting, claims, marketing, product development, call centre management, risk management, human resources and administration, finance, system management and strategic planning. She started her insurance career with Jardine Matheson & Co Ltd. Before joining Falcon Insurance, she was in charge of Personal Insurance of HSBC Insurance Ltd. Agnes, from a senior management・s perspective, will share with us the importance of employee wellbeing to an organization・s distinct competitive advantage, and what strategies and initiatives an organization shall adopt to promote wellbeing at work.

Ms. Marieke van Raaij
Practice Leader of Organisational Surveys and Insights for Greater China,
Towers Perrin
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Topic: Employee Opinions: Newly Released Benchmarks And Best Practice Sharing
During this presentation, Marieke van Raaij will share how the views of Hong Kong employees are changing over time, and she will also tie this in with research that Towers Perrin have conducted on the impact of the financial tsunami on employee's perceptions around the globe, noting the changes in views on job security, job mobility, and leadership behaviours and so on.

Dr. Chung Ting-yiu Robert
Director of Public Opinion Programme (POP)
The University of Hong Kong
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Topic: Job Satisfaction and Staff Retention -- HeadlineJobs Quality Workplace Index (2009 2nd Half)
Dr. Robert Chung is the Director of Public Opinion Programme (POP) at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), a programme he established in 1991. Under his leadership, POP is well known for its impartiality and professionalism in collecting, studying and interpreting public opinion. Since 2008, POP has been collaborating with to conduct the :HeadlineJobs Quality Workplace Index Surveys;. In this summit, Dr. Chung will present the findings of the 2009 2nd half survey, covering employees・ characteristics, opinions and attitudes. Employers can have a better understanding on employees・ job satisfaction in order to enhancee employee retention.