Matthew Cheung Kin-chung GBS, JP
Secretary for Labour and Welfare
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government
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Iris Mo
Talent Manager
Hewlett-Packard HK SAR Ltd.
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Topic: Strategies to Strive for the Best Talents in Fierce Labour Market
Hewlett-Packard (HP) is the world・s leading information technology company providing a wide range of products and services to households and clients in all business sectors. Aiming to be the best place to work, HP has established five categories of learning solutions for employees in different work functions and levels. The company launched an over-whelming HR programme .Rainbow・ in HK which has induced positive business performance and strengthens HP・s success in the market. Amy Li, as the HR Director of HP, will share with us the strategies of building productive team and nurturing leadership in a competitive business environment.

Professor Steven J. DeKrey
Senior Associate Dean
Director of Masters Programs
Adjunct Professor, Management
HKUST, Business School
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Topic: Nurturing Leadership to Compete in a New World
Prof. Steven DeKrey is a Founding Director of the Kellogg-HKUST Executive Education Program, Senior Associate Dean, Director of Masters Programs and Adjunct Professor of Management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology School of Business and Management. Prof. DeKrey has over 30 years experience in education and leadership development. Prof. DeKrey・s expertise includes leadership development and personality assessment. He is a frequent speaker, teacher and writer on leadership topics across Asia. In 2007, he co-edited a book entitled :Leadership experiences in Asia; with Kellogg Professor David Messick. His second book, published in 2009, is called .Learning from Leaders・. Prof. Steven Dekrey will share his views and insights on how corporations can overcome challenges on leadership development, especially in the most dynamic region of the world, Asia.

Kenneth Holt
Director V Hong Kong & Greater China
EmployeeConnect (Greater China) Limited
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Topic: Cloud with the Silver Lining V Technology Has Come to a Time that Change The Way All People Works and the HR Habitat!
What are the emerging trends in the global workforce and information technology? What are those that global technology giants undoubtfully invested billions of dollars that have started changing the ways everyone work and above all V how HR works? It is those that are driving businesses to embrace a new form of computer technology V Sometimes called :Cloud Computing; V not a science fiction, instead a technology just at your doorsteps and surely, your competitors・ - either ride on the top of this big wave or be drowned by it. Offering improved productivities, collaborations, compliance, convenience and yet, at a cost that has never ever been so within reach V not millions, not thousands, but just at a few dollars! Mr. Kenneth Holt will discuss the opportunities this brings to companies and HR and showcases to his audiences the impacts that will be brought to the HR habitat and how it affects the whole office ecology. This session promises to offer a glimpse into these emerging opportunities, using a language you know and brand new excitement you as an HR can bring back to excite the board!

Tony Dickel
Chairman - Hong Kong
Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL)
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Topic: Executive Coaching Effectiveness: A Pathway to Self-Efficacy
The Institute・s ongoing independently conducted survey into coaching effectiveness shows that coaching has a major beneficial impact in the workplace. Overall, the biggest message that seems to come through about coaching effectiveness is that it is valuable in assisting people build self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is the perception/belief people have about their capacity to achieve in relation to actions and goals. In particular, coaching improved peoples・ perception of their own strengths and challenges, and their ability to, communicate assertively and confidently with their colleagues and staff.

Professor Randy Chiu, PhD, SPHR, FHKIHRM, FHKIoD, FITP, RegPsychol
Director of Centre for HR Strategy and Development and
Professor, Department of Management, Hong Kong Baptist University
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Topic: Developing Talents for the 21st Century: A New Agenda
We often hear corporate executives talking about the importance of having passion for one・s work. Jack Welch talks about Passion as an essential attribute of today・s leaders. John Maxwell suggests that Passion is the answer why ordinary people achieving great things. It is spoken about frequently, though primarily in the abstract as in having a passion for the job or results. However, how we do recognize, measure and develop Passion in making our future leaders? Unless we have answers to the above questions, we will not be able to identify talents who have the passion for our business.

Elsie Hui
Human Resources Director - North Asia
Jones Lang LaSalle
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Topic: Achieving Business Performance Excellence through HR Strategies
Jones Lang LaSalle provides exceptional strategic, fully integrated real estate services and solutions for real estate occupiers, owners and investors worldwide. It operates in 180 offices in 750 locations in 60 countries worldwide. Through the global practices, Jones Lang LaSalle・s HR group provides premier human resources services to over 27,000 employees around the world, driving a high performance team culture that delivers superior client service. Elsie Hui, Resources Director of Jones Lang LaSalle, with breadth of experience in the field of strategic and operational HR delivery. Her specialties include mergers and acquisitions, talent management, training and development, resourcing and employee relations. She will share her insights in the area of strategic human capital development.

Regina Chu
Director of Learning & Development
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Topic: Retaining Talents with Maintained Engagement and Motivation
Creating "Room to be yourself" culture and clearly establishing "Winning Ways" staff values, Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) offers a desirable environment where employees can give their best and make a difference in providing excellent services to all hotel guests. Moreover, having one open and responsive attitude to staff・s feedback, IHG's staff turnover rate in Hong Kong is much lower than its competitors. Regina Chu, Director of Learning and Development, will share her strategies on creating shared values and culture amongst staff, the best practices of increasing staff retention and engagement.