Leadership in Diversity

Greater China Talent Management Summit 2013, organised by A-Performers.com, now at its 8th year, is widely appreciated by human resources professionals in the Greater China as an effective platform to share insights, knowledge and tools on talent management. This important event will be held at Hotel ICON in Hong Kong on 10th September this year.


Workplace diversity refers most broadly to the protection, respect and inclusion of the entire package of attributes that each employee contributes to the workplace. While companies initially paid the most attention to those characteristics that were protected by legislation, businesses are increasingly building company cultures that respect life experiences, language, talents, skills, thought processes and personal styles as well. Different skills, experiences and backgrounds in the workplace can help foster and drive business growth, innovation and success.

(Source: http://workplace-diversity.blogspot.hk/2007/04/workplace-diversity.html)

Managing diversity is not only offering equal employment opportunity or just acknowledging people from diverse population, but also to create an environment in which employees from diverse backgrounds, styles, cultures, belief and functions all work together to achieve the long-term success of the company.In a globalized economy, companies need to address the need for hiring and managing diverse workforce. However, managing diverse workforce is not a simple task, diverse work-teams are hardly to motivate and manage in many reasons, mis-communication is commonly happen because of cultural difference. This summit will evaluate the management issues facing in diverse workforce and how can staff from diverse work-team being motivated and how to enhance productivity for staff in diverse workforce.

The summit this year will evaluate the following key aspects:

1) Trend of Diverse Workforce in Hong Kong
2) Management Issues for Diverse Workforce
3) Workplace Conflict between ˇ§Majority ˇ§ and ˇ§Minority ˇ¨ Group
4) How to Enhance Productivity in Diverse Workforce
5) How to reach Business Success by optimizing benefit from Diverse Workforce

Who should attend?
The event, the topics and speakers are set to attract HR directors, managers and business leaders from the Greater China.

The conference will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions with a host of esteemed, top professional speakers sharing their valuable thoughts, insights and experiences on the latest issues affecting talent engagement.

A special exhibition will offer unparalleled opportunities for sponsors and institutions to showcase their companyˇ¦s branding with respect to services and products in face-to-face dialogue sessions.

High-level networking opportunities will include registration, coffee breaks, and lunch for delegates, sponsors and exhibitors to enhance business ties and stay current with the latest industry issues.