Hon Paul Chan
Legislative Councilor (Functional Constituency - Accountancy)
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Topic: Definition of Success - what's the aspiration of young people

Mr. Tony Dickel
Chairman - Hong Kong
Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL)
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Topic: Why do you need a coaching culture?

Coaching is increasingly recognised as the most effective way to create dynamic organisations able to maximise the use of their internal resources to respond and adapt to challenges and opportunities in the complex global business environment. A coaching culture improves productivity and profits through increased employee engagement, and staff and customer satisfaction. It ensures the retention of talent and the success in internal promotions through increased leadership capability. So what is a ¡§Coaching Culture¡¨?

Mr. Stephen Lee
Peter F. Drucker Academy
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Topic: From a Pair of Hands to a Whole Man

Talent Manager is to establish a system for the corporation to recruit and retain a whole man rather than just a pair of hands. In the phase of recruitment we select hands ¡V the candidate¡¦s qualification, ability and competence. Retention is a period when we focus on the man¡¦s mission, vision and values to test the alignment between the person and the company. A whole man is someone who understands his environment and helps the company to achieve result. We introduce a R3 formula (Recruit x Retain x Result) to talent manager for a sustainable development of an organization.

Mr. Francis Chan
General Manager Hong Kong
Lumesse Hong Kong Limited
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Topic: What can we Learn from Organizations with Effective Performance Management Processes?

Through the Performance Management Assessment tool that was conducted by over 500 business and human resources executives in over 40 countries worldwide, we analyze the findings of what key metrics are tracked and talent management processes taken by leaders in employee performance improvement.

The research findings are complemented with the global experience of Lumesse in deploying Talent Management and Talent Acquisition solutions for over 1700 customers worldwide. We will share practical advice on process and change management recommendations, with a focus on experience within APAC and Greater China.

Dr. Aidan Goddard
Chief Financial Officer - Asia Pacific
L¡¦Occitane en Provence
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Topic: Managing and Developing Talent Through Change

Successful business strategies are built on managing three important elements effectively, namely products/markets, processes and people. Organisations generally operate in some state of perpetual change but it is usually only when change becomes significant that the importance of giving equal weight to all three elements becomes clear.

Change is always associated with some form of restructuring. In some cases organisations may need to become smaller, in which case decisions must be made about who stays and who goes and on what terms. In other cases, change may required by growth in which case some people may not have the skill and or motivation to take on further levels of responsibility. All of these issues must be carefully managed because without the cooperation of the relevant stakeholders the best intended plans will probably fail.

Contemporary management theory stresses the significance of products/markets and processes in developing strategy but often fails to give due consideration to people issues. As a result universities and business schools often produce graduates who know something about the management of tasks but far less about leadership or, in other words, the management of people.

The positive aspect of leadership is that it can be learned and developed thorough training, mentoring and, of course, daily practice. Understanding what good leadership is and what qualities make a good leader, is the essence of good management and therefore of sustainable business success.

Ms. Huo Tuanjie Olivia
Head of Human Resources
Bank of China (HK) Limited
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Topic: Align HR & Business Strategies via Talent Management

With rapidly changing business environment and the increasing complexity of modern organization, effective human capital management is critical to an organization¡¦s success. Therefore, aligning HR with business strategies makes sense and helps ensure the organization can realize goals. Bank of China (Hong Kong) (BOCHK) as a leading listed commercial banking group in Hong Kong, pays heavy attention to corporate social responsibility and emphases on human capital management and development. Through an established talent management framework and a series of talent management initiatives, BOCHK successfully attract, retain and develop talent to support business development and strategic objectives. Ms. Olivia Huo, as the Head of HR of BOCHK, will share how to align HR & business strategies via talent management.

Mrs. Ip Lau Suk Yee Regina
New People's Party
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Topic: Leading and Managing in Hong Kong Today

Mrs. Carmen Lam
Chief Executive Officer
PrinCorp Wealth Advisors (Asia) Limited
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Topic: Empower Your Talents. Let Employees Voice their Future!

With the backdrop of the upcoming MPF Employee Choice Arrangement (ECA), many employees are planning to transfer their accrued benefits derived from their portion of mandatory contribution to a new MPF trustee. This may reflect a phenomenon that an overwhelming working population is not satisfied with their existing MPF arrangements. As an HR professional, how should you embrace the opportunities and challenges of ECA? How should a company show its concern to the long-term retirement benefits of the leaders of tomorrow? Should employees have their say?

Mrs. Carmen Lam is the CEO of PrinCorp Wealth Advisors (Asia) Limited - a wholly owned subsidiary of the Principal Financial Group® , a pension specialist riding on the corporation¡¦s regional exposure and 130 years of pension expertise. Mrs. Lam has 10 years of expertise in HR Management and Pension Management. She has conducted extensive HR researches and regional pension studies over the course, and has served clients ranging from listed companies, middle-sized companies to NGOs.

Ms. ONG Eng Hwee
Director of Corporate Training & Talent Development
Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd.
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Topic: Creating Engage Leadership Culture in Shangri-La

Dr Chung Ting-yiu Robert
Director of Public Opinion Programme (POP)
The University of Hong Kong
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Topic: Would you give up your dream work? - HeadlineJobs Quality Workplace Index (2011 1st Half)

Dr. Robert Chung is the Director of Public Opinion Programme (POP) at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), a programme he established in 1991. Under his leadership, POP is well known for its impartiality and professionalism in collecting, studying and interpreting public opinion. Since 2008, POP has been collaborating with HeadlineJobs.hk to conduct the ¡§HeadlineJobs Quality Workplace Index Surveys¡¨. In this summit, Dr. Chung will present the findings of the 2011 1st half survey, covering the theme on The Engaged Leader and an interesting topic on how employees value a dream work. HR professionals can listen the voice of employees through the survey findings.