Mr. Philip N.L. Chen
John Swire & Sons (China) Ltd
Deputy Chairman
Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd

A New Mindset in a Changing World

Mr. Philip Chen will address the topic "A New Mindset in a Changing World", highlighting the rapid changes in the modern business world and exploring the kind of talents that are required to meet the new challenges.

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Ms. Serene Wong
Vice President, Human Resources
DHL Express íV Greater China Area

Bringing Employer of Choice to Life

It's the people that make amazing things happen. DHL, the world's leading express and logistics company, has won the winner of the People Development Award at the "Logistics Awards Hong Kong 2006".

Managing over 10,000 employees in five markets in the Greater China, Ms. Serene Wong will share how the world's 2nd largest corporate employer has successfully managed and achieved business performance through the topic of "Bringing Employer of Choice to Life"; and she will reveal the way DHL continuously create a pool of engaged and motivated employees as well as future leaders on a regional scale.

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Ms. Debby Cheung
Managing Director
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, China

Cultivating Creativity and Motivated Working Environment in Greater China

China's number one public relations consultancy with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, a company of the Ogilvy Group which is known for building successful brands. Being a professional expert in the public relations sector for twenty years, Ms Debby Cheung will show us the strategies for a corporation to build a motivating work environment; and how to cultivate creativity among the local Chinese workforce.
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Ms. Fern Ngai
Head of Human Resources
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Engaging Your Talent in a Competitive Talent Market

Combining deep local knowledge with global capability, Standard Chartered Bank employs 60,000 people in over 1,400 offices in more than 55 countries. Having worked in Standard Chartered Bank for 20 years, Ms Fern Ngai will showcase an effective talent management strategy in the banking and finance industry; and how the problem of talent shortage be addressed through development, redeployment and external sourcing.

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Mr. Han Yu
Senior Vice President - Head of Human Resources
China and North Asia Region, ABB (China) Ltd

Linking HR to Your Business Outcomes in a Cross-cultural Corporation

As the worldwide leader for engineering industries, ABB has established its China offices since the mid-seventies and was named "The Most Popular Employer" by a survey targeted to over 50,000 university students in China in 2006. As a multicultural corporate, ABB (China) Ltd has recognized by incorporating their core principles of responsibilities, respect and determination while encouraging people to celebrate the difference between each other. Mr. Han Yu will share his insights of handling human resources issues across the boundaries.

This session will be conducted in Putonghua.
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Ms. Dana Chan
Managing Director
Global Talent Development Center
Adjunct Professor
Antai College of Economic and Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University

A Lesson from Senior Chinese Executives in MNCs: Global & Local Talents Leading and Managing in China

Shanghai is an important cradle for fostering global talents required for economic and social development. With the insights of managing across cultures and extensive working experience from various countries, Ms. Dana Chan will tell us the challenges of expats working in China; and how western and Chinese managers develop global competencies and cultural sensitivity in order to manage effectively in China.

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Ms. Damia Yang
Head of Human Resources, Senior Manager
Procter & Gamble Hong Kong Ltd

Building High Performance Organization

As one of the largest consumer products company that provides nearly 300 consumer brands, P&G is its people and the values by which we live. It is known to hire the right people from the start and develop as well as build from within. With its excellent training system, P&G is often referred as the "P&G University" by the business community. Ms. Damia Yang is going to share the talent development practices in P&G.

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